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Manual window controls for comfort ventilation.

We design and install robust, bespoke manual window controls that operate hard to reach, high-level windows. 


Our Teleflex manual winding systems are always designed with the look and age of the windows in mind. They’re safe and easy to use and are a great, low cost solution for schools and other commercial buildings where manual ventilation is needed.


Our manual systems are always installed to your exact requirements. Our CAD design service means we can design and manufacture tailored parts for more complex applications.


Automated natural ventilation control systems.

For smarter systems that work in complete harmony with your building, our automated controls are an excellent choice. 


Tailor-made electric control systems are expertly installed to high-level windows. For those on a budget, a simple wall mounted switch will work perfectly. Or we can supply control panels to operate your windows automatically, using temperature sensors. CO2, wind and rain sensors can also be added, providing maximum comfort, optimum air quality and a safe space in which to learn or work. 


These environmentally friendly and energy efficient systems fill your building with clean, fresh air.


Our natural ventilation control panels can be connected to any Building Energy Management System (BEMS) to allow direct control of the ventilation across the entire building.


Responsive, reliable and safe smoke ventilation control systems. 

In the event of fire, you need peace of mind that the smoke ventilation package in your building is up to the job. Removing heat and smoke as quickly as possible can mean the difference between life and death. 


Most flatted developments over 3 floors are required to have a smoke ventilation system fitted to aid escape and clear smoke from the common areas. Wm. Brown design, install and commission 3 types of system to fit your exact requirements:


In commercial buildings, schools and hospitals smoke vents are often located at the top of a central atrium or integrated into the perimeter glazing. We can create unique smoke control systems that not only work immediately on detection of fire, but allow these smoke vents to be used for comfort ventilation too.


1. Actuated Automatic Opening Vents (AOV’s)

During a fire event, our AOV’s within the protected zone will open to remove heat and smoke; aiding escape and assisting the fire service in their operations. We provide a full end-to-end service from bespoke CAD design to installation of the actuators, control panels, smoke detection, fire service switches as well as integration with existing life safety systems.


2. Smoke Shafts 

Smoke shafts are a smart and discreet way to ventilate your protected lobbies without using up valuable facade space. The shaft runs up the building and is fitted with dampers (motorised louvres) within each lobby as well as an opening vent at the head of the shaft. On detection of smoke, the local damper and roof vent will open, creating a chimney for the smoke to escape. 


We’ll take care of the design and installation of the shaft dampers, roof vents, smoke detection and all associated controls, so you won’t have the headache of tying it all together from multiple suppliers. 


3. Mechanical smoke extraction

When space is restricted and natural ventilation isn’t possible, mechanical smoke extraction can provide the solution.


Mechanical systems use robust duty and standby fans to remove smoke from protected lobbies and stairwells via a smoke shaft. Because they’re smaller in size they can be utilised on sites constrained by size or layout.


With innovative design it is possible to create extended travel distances, removing the need for additional escape stairwells, radically reducing construction costs and freeing up sellable living space. 


All mechanical systems provided by Wm Brown perform as well as the code compliant BRE solution. We can demonstrate how our mechanical systems handle the spread of smoke using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).




To find out how we can help you with the design, installation and maintenance of your smoke or natural ventilation system, call us on 0141 632 4600 or email today.

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